Getting a loan has never been easier for Amazon sellers

Financing Built For Amazon Sellers


There's a better way to finance your Amazon business

Accessing small business funding shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming, so AMZ Seller Financing kept thing simple with easy loan approvals up to $250,000.

Unlike other lenders, we have simplified everything

We charge one flat rate for all of our loans so you don't have to stress about complicated loan tables . Unlike interest-rate based loans, we keep it simple and easy. For example, if you borrow $10,000 you simply pay back $11,000. That’s it, there are no hidden fees.  

Amazon loans made simple

Apply Online

Our online application is short and simple and only takes minutes to complete.  

Connect Your Accounts

 Connect your Amazon account and securely connect your business bank account for fast approval.  

Get Funded

After you are approved, funds are distributed into your bank account within 48 hours.  

Online dashboard and reporting

○ Always know your loan balance

○ Keep track of all your payments  

○ Track your Amazon revenue and fees        


 All loans are subject to credit approval. Credit lines and pricing are  subject to periodic review and change, including line and pricing  reductions, line and pricing increases, or line eliminations. This is  not a revolving account. Individual requests for capital are separate  installment loans.If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome  to give us a call anytime! 



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